by Kat Largent

Our campaign team has developed three overarching goals to strengthen The Cove’s mission, extend its reach, and improve its impact on the Waco community.

Our team’s outline of campaign goals

Since the organization is so new, simply getting the name out there and getting people to associate the name with the mission and what The Cove does is still a primary goal.

Currently, The Cove’s Facebook page has almost 1100 likes, and fair engagement from followers across its posts. Though some posts have only five, several have 20-30, and some even have upward of 70.

Developing a consistent, regular system to continuously deliver quality content via the Facebook page, the primary social media communication channel, is crucial. Several variations of effective social media schedules have been developed, and researching and adopting one of these should be a priority.

Sample social media schedule. Photo by http://www.blog.bufferapp.com.

We hope to increase our followers by 5%, which would be about 50 new followers, in three months, which seems a realistic, achievable goal. We also want to increase reach by 5%, which can be achieved by investing in Facebook boosts on posts.

While The Cove has already achieved several media placements in traditional print and broadcast media, we hope to increase the number of placements to one each quarter. The placements would be based on both the development of strong press releases and strengthening already-established relationships with contacts at news stations like KCEN and at the Waco Tribune-Herald. Through the increased publicity, more older, native Wacoans (and not just Baylor students) would also gain higher awareness of The Cove.

We would also like to help The Cove increase the amount of donations they receive. We will accomplish this by better leveraging current and past donors and ensuring they feel appreciated to showcase how donations to The Cove can help you contribute to the community. We will also research the donor management systems with the best value and efficiency.

Through tactics such as those featured in the video below, we can more carefully curate our social media presence to make sure that we offer an opportunity and make sure we make our needs known without being too pushy or needy.

Finally, we would like to strengthen The Cove’s presence in the Waco community through increasing attendance at fundraiser events. Jason’s Deli is hosting a fundraising dinner event for The Cove on March 24, and we are focusing on this event to create our campaign’s creative pieces, as well as implement strategies and tactics to increase attendance from previous fundraising dinners.

We will research different student organization

Students at The Cove. Photo courtesy of The Cove.

s on Baylor’s campus and try to find one that has not committed to a long-term philanthropy partnership yet. As the Panhellenics generally all have long-standing partnerships, we are focusing on multicultural organizations. If we succeed, this will also benefit The Cove in that Teri Holtkamp mentioned that they would love minority student involvement since many of the children served by The Cove are ethnic minorities.

We will work on The Cove’s social media presence to promote this event, as well as develop some print advertising to hang around Waco.

Through the implementation of these various tactics based on the objectives we have developed, I hope to further the goals of The Cove and to help them become a big name among Waco nonprofits.


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