A Successful Campaign

by Kat Largent

Before implementing any new ideas or tactics for a campaign, the team needs to develop an effective way to measure success. If the success can’t be measured, the team can’t be sure they achieved their goals. This step in a campaign is “critical,” according to PRSA.

To determine what metrics we should use to properly evaluate campaign success for The Cove, I revisited our Goals, Objectives and Tactics to see what objectives we needed to measure.

The Cove’s Facebook likes

We built metrics into our objectives, ensuring they were measurable. To measure the increase in Facebook followers, we took a baseline measurement of Facebook likes and analyzed the trend of acquiring new followers. We determined that a realistic and achievable goal to set would be increasing followers by 5%. The Cove’s Facebook page had 1098 likes upon first measurement, so if we can capture 55 likes by the end of the campaign, that goal will have been met.

We would also like to increase the number of traditional news placements The Cove receives, such as the KCEN news segment below. Based on the roughly three average news placements each quarter that The Cove had been receiving in the past, we felt that increasing that number by one placement was a reasonable goal to set.

We also want to increase Facebook reach by 5%. Facebook Analytics will be used to measure these improvements throughout the campaign.

The plus side of goals involving donations of any sort is the relative ease with which their growth can be measured. We can ask Teri Holtkamp for all the statistics on their current donations and sponsorships and in what form they come. We are focusing on the in-kind donations, so we can take the baseline measure of how many in-kind, physical-item donations The Cove receives per each period and measure how many they receive at the end of the campaign.

When The Cove implements one of the more efficient donor management systems, it will be even easier to monitor the progress of the campaign. We would be able to obtain more analytics on regularity, frequency and size of donations to then create new strategies to increase the donations.

The Cove’s fundraiser dinner event

We will also use the attendance of the fundraiser dinner at Jason’s Deli as a measurement
of success. We will compare the attendance at the last fundraiser dinner to the attendance and social media engagement garnered for this one. A higher number of attendees will indicate the successful execution of campaign tactics.


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