About Me

A Bit About Me

Though originally from Houston, Texas, I’ve found it hard to describe “where I’m from” lately. I’m about to graduate Baylor University in Waco, Texas, in May, a humble but welcoming and loving town that I’ve learned to call home over the last four years. In just a few short months, I’ll leave to pursue a masters in Media Communications at the University of the Arts London, where I left my heart when I studied abroad junior year.

All this movement and impermanence is an attempt to move toward my ultimate goal. Communication is a recently-discovered passion that was stumbled upon serendipitously. The arts have always played an active role in my life. The journey through my education will hopefully culminate in the ability to combine these two loves to create purpose in my work and in my every day.

Theatre, music, arts and culture have always added layers of meaning for me and my life and provided new lenses for understanding the world and those who live in it. When arriving at university and gaining an interest in communication and design, I began to discover new and fascinating ways that I can use the skills gained and practiced here and through internships and work experience and apply them to the creative industries to help them thrive and give their ideas a voice and a media presence. I didn’t have to choose between the two worlds.

Who knew that my love for Alexander Calder and the Adobe Suite could meet and play with each other? I could choose to surround myself with Stephen Schwartz and social media stats. I didn’t have to pick a side by pursuing a career in public relations and communication in the entertainment and arts industries.

Thus, my journey progresses. I don’t know where I’ll call home next, but I know that wherever the journey leads, it will take me a step closer to the vocation to which I’m called. I eagerly advance toward the next opportunity to create, to make, to express. I welcome whatever dreams may come.